Optocoupler application scenarios: communication base station, switch, medical, industrial automatic equipment, energy vehicle charging pile, new energy storage equipment, AC motor, switching power supply

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Photoelectric couple

Epitaxial chips are widely used in digital tubes, backlit screens, remote controls, cameras, sensors, etc.......

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Epitaxial chip
Photoelectric couple
Epitaxial chip
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Shenzhen Orient Components Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing of optoelectronic chips and optocouplers. Orient has mastered the core technology of chips and has a complete IDM industrial chain. Orient's optocouplers and optoelectronic devices have developed into domestic high-end products, including 9 categories and more than 400 models: transistor, Schmidt trigger, thyristor optocoupler, high speed isolation optocoupler, PhotoMos SSR optocoupler, IGBT isolation optocoupler, current and voltage sensor, linear optocoupler and optoelectronic sensor. All of them provide sevices to communication, home appliances, vehicles, new energy and other industries, and basically match with European, American and Japanese optocouplers in application. Currently, the overall production and sales of Orient rank at the top in China. With the continuous expansion of production in the next five years, Orient strives for a well-known international optocoupler brand. In 2021, as the leading brand in the optocoupler industry, Orient was selected as one of the National ' Specialized and Innovative 11 enterprises.

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