Electronica Orient is participating in the Electronic Components Fair in Munich, Germany
Source: Orient

Exhibition Introduction

Founded in 1964, the Munich International Electronic Components Fair (electronica) has become the world's top electronics industry event after more than 40 years of healthy development. Every two years, the elite of the electronics industry from all over the world gather in Munich to discuss the development of the global electronics industry in the past two years and the future of the electronics market. At that time, well-known electronic enterprises from all over the world will launch their latest achievements; And the vast number of professional audiences will not only linger on the dazzling launch of new products and technologies, they will search for their favorite customers and sign cooperation agreements. During the 2012 exhibition, the exhibition area was 150,000 square meters (16 pavilions), with 2,800 companies from 50 countries and regions participating, 58% of which were from overseas. A total of 72,000 professional visitors were received. The audience mainly came from Eastern Europe, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and China. Audiences in America, Britain and France were down from 2006 because of the financial crisis. According to the survey, the most attractive factors of electronica are its wide range of products and services, its leading position in the electronics industry, the presence of major players and the international nature of the exhibitors. At the same time, various professional seminars and forums with rich content were held. The theme of "Green electronics" was discussed throughout the exhibition, which attracted many industry professionals to participate.

Market Background

Germany is a major trading country in the world, maintaining trade relations with more than 230 countries and regions. German products are famous for excellent quality, leading technology, exquisite workmanship, but the cost is higher. The German export industry has a world reputation for high quality, good service and punctual delivery. The main export products are automobiles, mechanical products, chemicals, communications technology, power supply and distribution equipment and medical and chemical equipment. The main imported products are chemicals, automobiles, oil and gas, machinery, communications technology and steel products. Its main trade targets are Western industrial countries, and more than half of its imports and exports come from or are sold to European Union countries.

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