What should we pay attention to when using optical relay in production? What processing needs to be done?
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The display screen of electronic equipment is completed by very precise light sensing components. There are a lot of optocoupler components on the circuit board to ensure the performance of the display screen. But in addition to these components, it is also necessary to control the switch, which requires the use of an optical relay switching equipment.

In the switching process of the display screen, it is this relay that plays a role and can adjust the switching and light sensation of the display screen according to people's needs. So what should we pay attention to in enterprise production? Do you need to dispose of it before use?

1. Pay attention to the suitability of relays.

Light relay to control the size of the equipment by transforming the current light effect, you must be aware of when installed on the device and equipment to fit other light coupling component, or current mismatch is likely to lead to equipment of the circuit board is damaged, if, the phenomenon of the components is burnt out, can't use the equipment, only to return factory repair.

At the time of purchase, it is necessary to test the adaptation. You can take the circuit board and some components of your product to test, to see whether the role of relay can be effectively played, so that the display can meet the sales standard.

2. It can be used only after certain treatment.

After the purchase of optical relay, appropriate treatment should be carried out to make the relay more suitable for the production equipment. For example, the connection should be handled to make the line connection more smooth and ensure the stable conduction of current. It is also necessary to modify some parts of the product to ensure the function of the relay, so that all components of the entire equipment can achieve a very stable performance, so as to ensure the normal operation of the entire equipment.

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